Sofia Sant´Ana

Painting is freedom, giving, let flow!

Painting is connection, communication, contemplation and reflection

I paint for me and to communicate.

Grateful for your presence!

Sofia Sant'Ana, was born in Azores, on Pico Island in 1979, where she lived until 7 years old. Then she moved with her family to Algarve, where she lived until 23 years old, graduating in Environmental Engineering. The passion for the Azores and the taste for Nature impel her to return to the origins.

Currently resides in the Island of Faial, where along with her professional activity, develops her passion for painting. Signing initially with the initials of her first name and last name, later she adopted Sofia Sant'Ana as her artistic name, in tribute to her maternal family from whom she inherited this surname, her Azorean origin and her taste for painting.

Sofia Sant'Ana sees freedom and challenge in painting, giving herself up in search of the essence and painting as a way of expressing and communicating, seeking the joint reflection on what is inscribed, the multiple interactions and connections in Nature and the Human Being

Self-taught and curious, she has made her way through different styles of painting, from this realism, through surrealism to abstraction, because she also encounters the challenge she seeks in alternating styles, always with joyful and vibrant tones of life and energy.

In 2018, she met Guilherme de Almeida (Master Fraguial), finding in this painter great support and participating with her curatorship at the International Collective Exhibition "ARTE PURA" held at Art Gallery D. Pedro (Joaquim Fonseca) in Oporto, alongside big names painting, sculpture and drawing, national and foreign.

Already this year (2019), with the support of Master Fraguial and Professor Viriato da Silveira, she becomes a member of the National Society of Fine Arts. Her first solo painting exhibition, with 31 works, takes place at Casa Manuel de Arriaga, at the invitation of the Horta Museum.

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